Dmitry Bykov in Vancouver

Russian emigrant as a cultural hero

Each culture gives rise to the main national type, its own hero, by which it is recognized in the world - a French lover, a British colonel, a German philosopher ...

Russia has put a Russian émigré in this category. What does it mean in world culture?

This is an emigrant, somehow ousted from his country, because it has become cramped for him.

And we will talk about this hero - a Russian emigrant, a very important character for national culture, but even more important for world culture. Remarque's Russian émigré, Nabokov's Russian émigré, Russian émigré in the literature of the third wave - a huge topic, which Dmitry Bykov devoted a separate university course to.

Dmitry Lvovich Bykov is the author of dozens of books, collections of poems and articles.

Additional Information: 604-273-5941, 604-771-6854

Duration: About 2 hours without intermission.

Dmitry Bykov


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18 марта 2023 г.

Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture


18 марта 2023 г. at 7:00 pm

Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture
6184 Ash St, Vancouver, BC